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Founded in Karacabey in 2014 Evidize entire process up to the end of the rough construction of your home or renovation projects to 10 of our Annual staff with experience in a professional manner . Especiallyl kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, coat rack, follow products such as wardrobe international and domestic trends we are producing in our own factory .Besides we are selling fashion textile products with small wholesale method. You can buy easily on our website , we work free shipping for textile products.

Working our way we make a difference!

First, listen to you , who need the right solution for your home according to your wishes we offer affordable cost. We realize that your time is valuable and we are starting our work at the time promised, we avoid unnecessary waste of time carrying the necessary equipment is constantly with us for our work. Works great / little he rose to distinguish them from doing face. What we stand behind the work, answering questions after installation is keeping you from being the victim to intervene when necessary, we are trying to make customers happy. We know that success is not done the right business results in the number of our satisfied customers recommend us is that the work done.

Call us!

Karacabey, Bursa and in the kitchen cupboard neighboring districts, kitchen countertops, kitchen 3 d Search glass panel, bathroom cabinet, coat rack, wardrobe, complete home renovations, suspended ceilings, plaster, paint, us +90 224 676 22 29 is on the phone and website you can find my address


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   We design your kitchen cabinets with a big enjoy.


    You can take your kitchen pictures 

     you should to measure your kitchen sizes 

    width : ?

     size : ?






      We need your kitchen sizes
      We need your kitchen pictures ( min. 6 pcs ) and how do you want to see your new store , you should to tell us 
Our design cost : 50 USD 
You should to send design cost firstly 
We design your new kitchen in 3 work days and send your e-mail .
if you want to buy cabinets from us at that time ,
We discount to you our design cost.

  Payment : %30 pre-payment and % 70 before loaded 

  Delivery time : After 7 days from pre -payment 

  We work usually FOB/ Bursa 

  We can do that cabintes from Acyrlic, membrane, high-gloss or laquer .


 It is not included in the price panels between benches.

 LED light is included 


 Please contact to us , feel free to ask everything

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